What are the maintenance regulations of transformer moisture absorber

(1) The silica gel in the moisture absorber of transformer should be the same color changing silica gel. When more silica gel changes color due to moisture, the silica gel needs to be replaced. For single color silica gel, the moisture content of silica gel should not exceed 2 / 3.

(2) During operation, it is necessary to monitor whether the sealing of the moisture absorber is good. If the upper silica gel in the moisture absorber changes color first, it can be judged that the sealing is not good.

(3) The amount of oil injected into the oil cup of the moisture absorber should be moderate. Too little oil will affect the purification effect, and too much oil will spill out when breathing.

What are the maintenance regulations of transformer oil purifier?

(1) When oil is injected into the oil purifier, the butterfly valve at the bottom shall be opened first, and then the air release plug at the top of the oil purifier shall be opened until transformer oil comes out of the vent plug.

(2) Silica gel or activated alumina in the oil purifier should be round, large particles and non discolored silica gel or activated alumina, which will not turn into powder after operation, so as to avoid entering the transformer through the filter screen.

(3) Nylon material should be selected for the filter screen at the upper and lower butterfly valves of the oil purifier, instead of metal filter screen, so as to avoid other accidents caused by entering the transformer.

(4) The following conditions indicate that the silica gel has failed and needs to be replaced: take oil samples from the inlet and outlet of the oil purifier, and test the pressure resistance value, if there is no difference, and the pressure resistance value is low; if the acid value of the oil is

When the moisture in the oil is acidic.

(5) The replacement of silica gel is required to be reliable and dried silica gel, which can be reused after drying