The moisture absorber of transformer plays an important role in protecting transformer

When the color changing silica gel changes from blue to light red, it indicates that the adsorbent has been wet and needs to be replaced or dried.

Once the transformer is in direct contact with the atmosphere, the transformer oil of the whole compiler will deteriorate after the impurities and water in the air are inhaled. Especially for transformers with a voltage of more than 100 KVA, the volume of the transformer is relatively large, and the contact surface is also wide, and the transformer oil is more susceptible to moisture.

At this time, the adsorbent on the hygroscopic device will suck the moisture to dry, to ensure the normal operation of the transformer. Otherwise, the emergency repair personnel of power supply will not be able to observe the change of transformer oil color.

Once the transformer oil is damp, if the emergency repair personnel of power supply can hear the abnormal sound in the transformer, use single and double bridge to conduct "physical examination" on the transformer, and find out the fact that the insulation oil fails to meet the standard, and the transformer shall be lifted with core lifting, and the time is still in time.

Otherwise, if it is not only burnt down for a long time, it will also affect the reliable and stable operation of other live lines.

Therefore, in order to better protect the transformer, please do not ignore the installation of moisture absorber.