1. Quality service commitment

We have made a solemn commitment to the principle of "quality first" in the production and operation activities

1. The products and their shipment conform to the company's enterprise standards and national industry standards.

2. The delivery of goods shall be carried out according to the contract. Delivery time under special circumstances shall be discussed by both parties.

3. The company guarantees that the supplied products are produced by the factory itself and are brand-new products, without outsourcing and outsourcing. Otherwise, the buyer has the right to terminate the contract.

4. The warranty period of the products provided is 5 years after the arrival of the goods. During the warranty period, we will replace the products with quality problems free of charge. If the quality problems of the products cause losses to users, our factory will bear all the responsibilities.

5. If the customer needs, our company will provide free service and guidance for the installation and use of the product, and no additional fee will be charged

6. Our company guarantees that the quality guarantee period of the submitted materials is 5 years from the date of inspection. During the warranty period, the service provided by our factory does not need to be paid by the demander. In case of failure due to quality reasons, the economic loss caused by the Demander shall be borne by our factory.

2. After sales service commitment

1. The product quality of our company can meet the contract requirements and relevant standards.

2. Receive customer consultation, ensure 24-hour response.

3. At any time to accept the customer's supervision of product manufacturing.

4. Customers require on-site service to ensure that they arrive at the site within 48 hours.

5. If there is any problem with the product within the warranty period of five years, our company guarantees that the service will be considerate or replaced. After the warranty period, we will provide lifelong maintenance service.

6. To provide users with high-quality products, so that users get "satisfactory service" is our eternal commitment.

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