The development of enterprises cannot do without talents, and talents cannot do without bole. We sincerely invite experienced talents or outstanding graduates to join our big family. The following positions are now available in our company:

PositionTrade specialist/trade specialist
LoationHejian City
Paypacketsdiscuss personally
Valid period180 days


1. Assisted the department manager in handling daily work, and actively obeyed the department manager's work arrangement; 

2. Responsible for the normal connection with other departments to ensure the normal operation of projects and orders;

3. Liaison, negotiation and negotiation of import and export business;

4. Processing import and export orders and ensuring delivery according to customer requirements; 

5. Monitored the quality and delivery of suppliers, dealt with relevant problems in time to ensure the quality of supply;

6. Check the flow of payment for the business I am responsible for, and collect the payment for goods; 

7. Reasonably avoid trade risks and control trade costs; 8. Maintained the enterprise ERP system


1. Between 22 and 35 years old, bachelor degree or above, major in international trade, English or other related majors, college degree with excellent qualifications may also be considered; 

2. More than 1 year of practical experience in import and export of foreign trade, skilled in various processes of foreign trade;

3. Solid basic knowledge of international trade and practical application ability, mechanical, electrical, automation, instrumentation and other industry background or professional knowledge is preferred;

4. Excellent comprehensive application ability of English listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating, strong business awareness and negotiation skills, and strong development ability;

5, have a strong enterprising spirit and team spirit, work seriously, a strong sense of responsibility, strong pressure resistance.

PositionMarketing specialist/sales representative
LoationHejian City
Paypacketsdiscuss personally
Valid period180 days


1. Actively obey the work arrangement of the department manager and explore the domestic market;

2. Responsible for communicating with customers, developing and maintaining the relationship with new and old customers;

3. Responsible for the investigation of market information and the collection of market dynamic changes in the industry;

4. Responsible for contacting the company's sales orders and achieving the annual sales targets;

5. Communicate and work with other departments such as the ministry of commerce to ensure the smooth execution of business and orders


1. 22-30 years old, bachelor degree or above, college degree is preferred, major in international trade, mechanical and electrical engineering, automation, etc. 

2. Good English; 

3. Working experience or professional background in mechanical, electrical, automation, instrument and meter industry is preferred; 

4. Strong planning and implementation ability, customer public relations ability, communication and coordination ability and independent working ability; 

5. Have the ability to develop the market independently, with a clear mind, quick response, and good professional ethics.

6. Good professional ethics, prudent, serious, strong sense of responsibility, strong sense of teamwork and motivation;